Wednesday, December 15, 2021

NEOtrans’ 56 stories about Sherwin-Williams’ 36 stories

At 618 feet tall, the 36-story Sherwin-Williams headquarters tower
will become the fourth-tallest in downtown Cleveland and drama-
tically change the city’s skyline. The tower will mean different
things to different people, but there was one storyline of how
we got to the start of construction. It involved three years and
56 NEOtrans articles that traced this project from its earliest
origins to today’s groundbreaking ceremony (Pickard Chilton).

On this date of the groundbreaking ceremony for Sherwin-Williams’ (SHW) new global headquarters, it’s not just a time to look ahead but to look back to see how we got here.

It was three years and two months ago that NEOtrans wrote the first of 56 articles about the SHW HQ project by breaking the news that SHW had started planning work for a new HQ. Or, more accurately, SHW “re-started” planning work that began several years earlier but was put on hold. Of more pressing concern from 2016-18 was SHW acquiring its rival Valspar and paying down its debt from that acquisition.


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