Saturday, December 18, 2021

Great Lakes Brewing Co. to start Scranton Peninsula work

Looking north across Scranton Peninsula toward downtown Cleveland,
Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s proposed production facility would rise on
 leveled land in the foreground. At the far left, a property acquired this
past summer by the brewery would also be cleared and graded, but for a
brewpub/tasting room. Leveling and removing trees from the perimeter
 of the two properties is the subject of a permit application submitted
yesterday to the City of Cleveland’s Building & Housing Department.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. (GLBC) has asked the city of Cleveland for permission to begin site preparation work prior to the expansion of brewing facilities on to Scranton Peninsula near downtown. A permit application submitted yesterday doesn’t reveal when the actual expansion work would begin, saying instead that the work would prepare for “future use” of the Flats site. However, the permit request hints structural construction for the expansion could begin in about six months.


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