Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sources: If Cliffs + US Steel happens, so does a new HQ

The lofty 200 Public Square is Cleveland’s third-tallest tower at 658 feet and
will remain so after Sherwin-Williams’ new 616-foot headquarters tops out
on the other side of downtown Cleveland’s Public Square. Cleveland-Cliffs’
headquarters is in 200 Public Square but may be on the move in the
 coming years (Google). CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM.

Something is happening inside 200 Public Square that isn’t happening at many other downtown Cleveland office towers — a major tenant is gobbling up more office space. The tenant, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., is adding hundreds of office workers to the building, a number that could reach 2,000 employees in the next few years if it is able to acquire Pittsburgh-based rival US Steel. If that happens, two sources who are close to Cliffs’ executives say Cliffs will reconsider 200 Public Square as its headquarters of what would become the nation’s largest steelmaker.


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