Friday, September 8, 2023

Browns: clock ticking on stadium deal

Sources say the clock is ticking on a deal with the city of Cleveland,
Cuyahoga County and others on renovating  Cleveland Browns Stadium,
the cost of which could approach $1 billion. If there’s no deal by this time
next year, the Browns could start talks with a suburban municipality for a
new stadium whose price tag would likely exceed $2 billion (Google).

Two sources, one a city of Cleveland source and the other a Cleveland Browns source, acknowledge that the clock is ticking down to a deadline that the Browns source termed as “a matter of months, certainly less than a year” for working out a deal that will keep the Browns in the city rather than turning to the suburbs for a new football stadium location. And they both acknowledge the city is offering no direct financial assistance to make major renovations to the city-owned stadium


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