Monday, May 29, 2023

Getting Tower City on track

Used twice in the last 30 years during major track reconstruction work, the
former Shaker Rapid Station at Tower City could be modified by the Greater
Cleveland Regional Transit Authority as its permanent station. After 2026,
when it converts to an all-light-rail fleet, GCRTA will no longer need its
current, larger Tower City station in which the west half is used by heavy-
rail trains and the east half by light-rail trains. Instead, it could be re-
designed as Cleveland’s Amtrak and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
station to better accommodate future service expansion and offer con-
nectivity with the central business district plus local and regional

When you have an opportunity to expend the same or similar effort and money that would achieve the better of two outcomes, why not pursue the better outcome? That’s the decision Greater Cleveland has yet to make when looking at a transportation ingredient to two major waterfront development masterplans. One is the downtown lakefront development led by the Haslam Sports Group. The other is the Tower City Riverfront development led by Bedrock Real Estate. Both are supported by civic organizations and all levels of government.


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