Thursday, May 25, 2023

Brownhoist lifts a new future

Located just east of downtown on St. Clair Avenue, the 143-year-old
Brownhoist office building was actually built a block farther north and
later moved to this site during an expansion project of the company’s plant.
The building is hosting an open house this weekend. But if you miss it, you
can always schedule a tour (KJP). CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM.

Some buildings are just walls, floors and a roof. Others have architecture, history and modifications that encourage visitors and tenants to crane their head or to look around each corner as they listen to their buildings’ curators tell stories and experiences about them. Its setting is among the reasons why the Brownhoist Building, 4403 St. Clair Ave., in Cleveland’s St. Clair-Superior neighborhood has become an idea-generating co-working space for artists.


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