Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Court orders Little Italy housing construction halted

Thirteen four-story townhomes would line the east side of
Coltman Road in Cleveland’s Little Italy and block views
of a four-story apartment building from the west. Another
four townhomes would rise on East 123rd Street located
south of the apartment building that is a source of dis-
content for two nearby residents who are trying to
block construction work now under way (SixMo).

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael J. Russo issued a preliminary injunction yesterday against parties involved in the development of the long-vacant and neglected Woodhill Supply site, 1862 E. 123rd St. in Cleveland’s Little Italy. The development is a $15 million mix of townhomes and an apartment building. However construction continues as terms of the injunction have apparently not been met.

For Russo’s order to take effect, two complainants initiating the case would have to first file a $200,000 bond with the court. The bond had not been filed as of midday today, court records show. NEOtrans also visited the development site today and noticed that construction appears to be continuing.


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