Thursday, September 23, 2021

Cleveland & Columbus to field nearly all of the TMUDs

Will Cleveland dominate the list of Transformational Mixed Use Develop-
ment applicants and winners statewide, resulting in a forest of construction
cranes across the city in the next year or so? Or will Cleveland projects get
 left out of this first round of tax credit awards, only to watch other Ohio
cities dominate? What Cleveland projects will be submitted and how
likely are their victories? What is their competition? (Brivar) 

Cleveland and Columbus are shaping up to field most of Ohio’s Transformational Mixed Use Development (TMUD) projects. Cleveland is where the TMUD was originally brainstormed and where its authorizing legislation was drafted. And it’s apparently where most of the potential TMUD projects lie in wait.

For those who don’t regularly follow this blog, a TMUD is a mega-project. It’s a real estate development that’s big, complicated, expensive and difficult to do with just private dollars and conventional public subsidies.


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