Friday, May 24, 2024

Why aren’t the Browns buying this key piece of land?

Shown in white, FirstEnergy’s narrow strip of land is only about 100 feet wide but
extends about 1,400 feet into the center of the Brook Park site, shown in red, the
Haslam Sports Group apparently desires for a possible new domed stadium. On
that land is an active, high-voltage electrical transmission line that feeds a nearby
Ford engine plant. A football stadium cannot be built here until that utility right
of way is addressed. In the background is Cleveland Hopkins International Air-
port with Snow Road at lower left and Interstate 71 at lower right (Google).

On Cuyahoga County real estate parcel maps, a narrow strip of land owned by FirstEnergy knifes into the heart of a Brook Park site the owner of the Cleveland Browns football team reportedly wants for a possible new domed stadium. Despite its prominence on the map, no one in Cleveland media apparently has asked its owner if it has any agreements with anyone for its potential sale — until now.


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