Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Treatment Center To Vacate St. Mary’s Seminary

If the 98-year-old St. Mary Seminary overlooking Rockefeller Park in
Cleveland’s Glenville 
neighborhood seems older than its 98 years,
it’s because some of it is. A number of decorative features on the
building were imported from Europe and date from the 1400s to 1600s.
Since 1992, the property has been owned by the Hitchcock Center
for Women which provides addiction treatment services. It will be
expanding into a new building planned next door while the historic
facility may be redeveloped into offices (Tom Truelson/Cleveland

It’s a place where few women wanted to go. And after their experiences at the Hitchcock Center for Women, many say they never wanted to leave. While each person tends to enter the center facing an abyss wrought by addiction, many leave feeling loved and hopeful. The Hitchock Center hopes their new home will be able to provide at least as much care as the old.


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