Friday, December 9, 2022

Canon takes aim at Cleveland

Opportunity Corridor, in Cleveland’s University Circle and the Cleveland
Clinic’s main campus, appears to be the favored location for the new Canon
Healthcare USA headquarters. And if rumors from several years ago remain
true, it is also the favored site for Canon Healthcare’s research, production
and warehouse facilities. This view looks north on East 105th Street at Frank
Avenue with the mostly vacant IBM Explorys building at right (Google).

Three years ago, the first rumors of Canon seeking to increase its presence in Cleveland surfaced. NEOtrans couldn’t report all of the gory details back then because it would compromise a source. So only some of the information was shared once it became publicly available. But the rest of the information from back then can be shared now that the Japanese imaging company let the cat out of the bag that it’s putting the headquarters for Canon’s newly created Canon Healthcare USA Inc.’s subsidiary in Greater Cleveland.


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