Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sherwin-Williams HQ to refine appearance

A drone’s view of the Sherwin-Williams headquarters construction site at
the end of March in downtown Cleveland. Crews were drilling 26 reinforced
concrete caissons to bedrock 200 feet below to support the weight of the
massive skyscraper. Several of the caisson cans are visible on site as are
blue tanks for removing groundwater. West Superior Avenue is at the bottom
of the image, West 3rd Street at the right, West 6th at the left, and vacated
Frankfort Avenue across the top (Adam Greene).

At the end of last week’s Cleveland Landmarks Commission meeting, the commission’s Secretary Donald Petit advised members to keep their schedules clear on June 3 for a special meeting with Sherwin-Williams (SHW) regarding its 616-foot-tall headquarters project in downtown Cleveland. That caught the attention of at least a few attendees.


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